How to add multiple users?


I am trying to add multiple users to Zoo 6 on Windows 10. However, I only can add one user through Zoo. Is it possible to add multiple users on one network? Zoo 6 gives the following error:

Not sure what you’re trying to do, but the Zoo only registers license keys, not “authorized users”. You cannot enter the same license key more than once; you cannot limit the users who have access to the license(s) at this point, any user who can “see” the Zoo can check out a license (as far as I know).


I installed the zoo admin and strangely I can only use Rhino on one computer, while I am on the same IP-adress. If I want to open Rhino and run the zoo licens, it gives this error:


Hi @andreja.andrejevic

If your Zoo server only has a single license, then only one system can use that license at a time. Make sense?

– Dale

@brian This sounds like a major misunderstanding of the Zoo purpose and that it doesn’t change the fundamental “one-user => one running instance” policy. Could it be that your online descriptions and /or (it looks like above) the messages in the Zoo are only in English? Could this contribute to a misunderstanding?

I’m not sure if more words will help here, but it looks to me @andreja.andrejevic, that you have a single-user license key entered into your Zoo. Having only one license key lets you use that license on multiple computers - but only one at a time. If you want to have more users running Rhino at the same time, you need additional license keys.

That’s correct. Using Rhino from different user accounts on the same IP counts as two consecutive users, and you’ll need a second license key to make that possible.

To get more license keys, please visit

I think you’re right that there’s a misunderstanding here. I’m not sure yet exactly what the misunderstanding is, so I can’t quite say what caused it, nor what the solution is.