How to add keyframe tick numbers to animation

I am preparing a high rise tower construction methodology animation. I want to insert timeline tick or actual dates in to animation. Can somebody suggest me an easiest way to do it. Should I consider another editing software if so can anybody suggest me such simple software. Also I plan to add building floor levels to relative floors. What would be the most lightweight way to do it.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.



Assuming that you are using Bongo, you can use layers or unhide previously hidden text elements and make them appear as needed. Or add the dates later in post.

thanks. I am using Bongo. Which post software you are using or suggest.

If you are not doing video editing regularely, there are plenty of free or low cost software that will do the job.
You can check out Adobe Premiere Elements or Lightworks.

I mostly use VideoPad Video Editor (by NCH software) for post production - efficient and low cost.

Excellent choice too. I’ve used it in the past.

thanks a lot for advice