How to add forces?


is it possible to apply forces and damper?

Force - a part should be moved around a center after a lock is released.

Damper - for example an object is moving sideward by a kick and I would like to bring down the speed to 0.

There’s the following commands:

In the next WIP there’ll also be a toolbar buttons for them.

Sounds good. I tested it and I got it working. :slight_smile:

Looks like a parameter to set the strength is needed or is it somewhere?

I have seen know that a spring feature can be enabled for connections? Is it fully implement? If yes, how can it be used? (So much nice tools or promising signs everywhere … like Christmas. :slight_smile: )

Screen Shot 09-07-20 at 01.43 PM

The spring is implemented. In the next WIP there will be a stiffness property that can be adjusted. If there is a check next to Spring as you show in the screenshot then it will be enabled.

How can the Spring be used? For example if I enable it for a slider, what effect can be expected?

The object will move like a normal slider, but when no other forces are acting upon it the connection will attempt to return to the starting configuration.

The next question is … how can I remove the force feature again?

Force and torque are added as keyframes. You can delete the keyframes like any other.

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Thank you, I have overseen that it are keyframes. :slight_smile:

Here is a sample model in which a Force is keeping a gravity-enabled sphere from dropping.
ForceDemo.3dm (251.0 KB)
Check out the keyframes. The Force’s unit is Newton. The sphere’s Mass is set to 2 kg. Hence the Force needed to keep it from falling is 2 x 9.81 (Earths gravity) = 19.62 N. The force is kept at 19.62 till tick 30 and then decreased to zero (at tick 33) hence Gravity can have its way.

Cute, isn’t it.

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