How to Add Document Parameter with grasshopper or python?(korean issu)

i cant add “Create Document Parameter” in grasshopper .
Is it normally?


What does your line 10 return? If it returns a non empty guid (not “00000…”) then the parameter has been successfully created.

Hi @sixpage90,

VisualARQ Script API is not meant to be used inside a Grasshopper definition. If you want to create a document parameter, just use the VisualARQ Grasshopper Component to create document parameters.


“Guid” has been created!. (13.7 KB)

Can you study how to use GRASSHOPPER COMPONENT?
I want to find an example file or url…

ex.1. doesn’t work.
ex.2. is the desired result.

So your python code works.

Hi @sixpage90 What happens when you bake the “Create Document Parameter” component? you should get as a result a new document parameter. You can also add/delete/edit it from the Rhino Options > Document Properties > Parameters:

By the way, the VisualARQ API is not consistent in Grasshopper. It’s meant to be used in Rhino directly. Depending on what you need to do you rather use the VisualARQ components instead. Or let us know what you need to do in order to find a solution.

I used…baked…
I didn’t function…with…bake…
I want more Reference or Guide,for varq grashopper.

@sixpage90 Did or did not function when you baked the “Create Doc, Parameter” component?
Because I see in your screenshot that it is created:

It worked through ‘bake’. Thank you.