How to add dialog panel to right side properties (when grips object(s) are selected)

I have a panel that I’ve added using AddPagesToObjectPropertiesDialog and it works well. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear when I select my object grips, which I need a panel for. How do I make my panel (or a separate panel) appear when selecting my grips?

Hi @gccdragoonkain,

You’ve probably noticed that when you pick a grip from a standard Rhino object (e.g. curve, surface, etc.), the ObjectProperties panel doesn’t show any properties of the grip. This is because they are temporary objects and, thus, don’t have the properties of normal objects (like layer, color, linetype, etc.).

You’ve probably also noticed that when you select a grip (of any kind), there isn’t an object select event triggered.

With all this, adding a page to ObjectProperties might not be the best approach, if it’s even possible. As a first cut, you might make your own panel that handles this instead. Your plug-in will need to notify your panel when one of your custom objects has it’s grips enabled. For disabling of grips, the standard “deselect” events in CRhinoEventWatcher will work.

– Dale

Thanks Dale.

For now I’ve just gone with a rhino command that’ll pop up a CDialogEx with the same UI.