How to add custom UserObjects folder?

this is the default folder of userobjects,but in sometime i want to add a custom folder to put the userobjects,like the the same way as gha component folder:
but after i tried,i found that the it is impossible to add custom userobject folder…do you have some idea?
thank you!

It seems you cannot.

yes…nothing important,i just move the userobject to the default folder

UserObjects should be loaded from all folders containing Rhino plugins as well. So I guess you could create a blank plugin and tell Rhino about it.

David,i move the Userobjects into plugin folder,but no works.

You need a manifest.txt

Okay, I’ll have to look into that. It could be that at the moment I’m only looking into RHI and/or YAK install folders.

At any rate, I guess the folders inside the _GrasshopperDeveloperSettings command should be included in user object search.

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Has there been any recent movement on this issue? My team’s working on setting up a standardized environment and having the ability to specify a custom userobjects folder is the missing link.

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