How to add ambient light to a interior/room for Neon Raytraced render?



Currently, when I try a neon raytrace render for my interiors, it’s mostly black…with minimal light coming in from the windows. Is there any way to increase the ambient light levels in a room without relying on a specific light source like a lamp?


What are you using as your renderer? To see what Neon can do you need Brazil, apparently the demo does work to ‘turn it on.’ The basic Rhino renderer doesn’t have the GI features to actually attempt to light a room from the outside, ergo Neon doesn’t show it.


I’m just using the neon raytrace inside rhino and sometimes I’ll jump over to keyshot if I want to get fancy.


Yeah, so Neon acts as a souped-up Render Preview, not a separate “renderer” itself, so it only shows what the base Rhino renderer can do, which is not much for that type of scene. If you install the Brazil demo, then Neon supports most of its features(the tech is from the same people) and will do that kind of scene, albeit in a kind of brute-force manner, Brazil itself has a few ‘tricks’ up its sleeve for such scenes.


Ha, Please continue…


Thanks Jim.