How to adapt modules onto specific route?

Hi, I try to design a structure which formed by modules below. I did a script for modules for variate them. But I want to adapt those different modules onto a circle-like structure like secont picture below. It is like an eagle nest concept, so it could be like adding modules randomly and designing a nest. Do you know any idea to make it? Or any method? Some of those modules will be rising diagonally, maybe for reaching upper levels… Thanks so far !

I assume that this is some sort of AEC project. Unless you are using antigravity (and tele-transportation) this is not the way to outline any building - even within an Academic perspective (that has nothing to do with real-life).

  1. First (and taking into acount seismic forces, fire escape routes and thermal expansion issues) you should mastermind a rational way for the vertical circulation: say “towers” with stairs, HVAC routing, elevators and the likes. These “shafts” could being deployed along a given curve with some sort of logic. A cyclic “shaft” footprint could(?) resolve(?) a variety of topological issues.
  2. Then you should mastrermind a modular structural system that could allow big spans since it appears that you are after “hanging” floor modules in thin air.
  3. Then you should mastermind a way to adapt the floor modules to the structural system.
  4. Then you would realize that a building like this has nothing to do with the form follows function immortal thingy PLUS is a total disaster with regard thermal efficiency (dew points etc etc) … meaning back to the drawing board
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thanks for your concerns and possible solutions about it but its just a conceptual model, means initial ideas, first stages… I just want to make a nest-shaped model which formed by different sized modules. Then I can think about details.

Thanks alot! These are look like what I need! I will try to figure it out how to use them :slight_smile: