How to activate the render elements


can someone suggest me a tutorial to learn how to use: render elements of vray 5 for rhino 7?
I can’t find anything specific on the net

the problem is that i can’t activate the feature.

can someone teach me how to activate the render elements or suggest a tutorial?


Did you use the stack symbol of the asset editor? (left symbol at my screenshot)

is there a way to send all the rendered channels together to photoshop?

You don’t need all this channels for photoshop, but I can’t tell you which you need and what the best workflow is.

is it possible to render without rendering elements even if they are active and configured?

to use the render elements of the same scene previously rendered and save rendering time?

You can go to the Chaos Group page and there you can find great tutorials for Vray for Rhino, all the info and Webinars are free.
(All the info over Renders Elements you can find there in the manual too).
That is the best solution.

Vray is from Chaos, so best go there to find the solutions.

I already searched the manual
I didn’t find anything

if you have the software, there you can all find!
The support team is so good to and quickly !.

If you bought the software, you can find everything right there!
If you bought the software you could also learn to use it, for this they have online tutorials, and all the necessary and clear information.

I hope this explanation is helpful to you.
By the way, how can I change my avatar here?

You should be able to change that in your Rhino Account.


There = Renders elements /Vray for Rhino
So can choose differents types for your image….
Refraccion, reflexion, background, zdepth,global iluminations,lights,……etc.
Differents assets For postproduction.