How to activate Grasshopper DIVA license

I have an issue with DIVA license. It does not function due to the following message:

"License not found.
LM-X Error: (Internal: 844 Feature: diva-grasshopper)

(Err: 9) Feature not found"

I have taken several measures. I reached out to DIVA and got the latest license and installed it. did not work. I removed and re-installed DIVA 4, did not work either, let alone re-starting Rhino and computer several times. Any thought would be appreciated.

Hi Amir,
Did you change the name of the license file to “diva.lic”?
that did it for me…

Yes, Victor. It worked for me too.

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I came up with the licence problem. image
Any thought would be appreciated.

So, I got the same error. I installed 30-day free trial version of DIVA, and it is working in Rhino, but not in GHP. It gives me the same message as you before:

  1. License not found. LM-X Error: (Internal: 937 Feature: diva-grasshopper) (Err: 12) Software expired For further information go to

Besides that, I have a .lic file provided by the course that I am currently taking, and their instructions area only: “Once the software is downloaded, replace the existing license with this [updated 90 day trial license]”

I can’t find the current file for the 30-day license that must be replaced, and therefore I don’t know where to paste this .lic file that I have.

If anyone can, please direct me on where to paste this extended version license and also help me to make it work on grasshopper.

I thank you in advance!

Hi -

It sounds like the people that provided the 90-days license should be able to tell you where that should go. Did you search your drive for “diva.lic”?

I asked them, but they didn’t answer me, unfortunately. They just said I should replace the original license for that one. I did it, in a file that I assumed was the license (it was not .lic but I changed the name) and it didn’t work - I still get 20 something days left for the license.

But to be honest my main problem right now is that even this 30 day license doesn’t seem to work in grasshopper. I can only use DIVA for Rhino, and I need to use it in the grasshopper.
Is there any tutorial or step by step on how to install DIVA for grasshopper? I searched and didn’t find. Because so far I am just installing DIVA with the installer and that’s it. Should I do something else?

Hi -

I’m afraid that you probably won’t get an answer to that question here.
You will probably have to contact Solemma:

On their DIVA for Rhino Training page, you will find this eMail address:

I already wrote them… I will keep waiting, thank you @wim!!!