How to achieve this animation?

I build fantasy ships with Rhino (ok, odd but each to his own :p)
I’d like to make a turntable or fly around animation, where each layer appears slowly one by one, so from the base of ship up, parts come into view, to give idea of internals, deck layout etc.

I only ever use Penguin (or Maxwell which I also have) to do stills, I do not have Bongo (money is WAY too tight now, I’m a hobbyist, art’s about all I can do nowadays)
So this is not Rhino stuff I’m familiar with.

Would setting up a turntable animation, output to single images, then every so many frames turn on visibility (with items on separate layers) be practical?
Or should I consider some other way?

Any help would be appreciated :smile:

Make as many turntable animations as the number layer state you should see and then merge them (with appropriate transitions) in a video editing software in the exact time you need to…
Or otherwise buy bongo…

thank you! :slight_smile: