How to achieve quad mesh like thermal field on a sphere with holes?

I mean inverting the sources and sinks in a circle. This is the Milne Thomson circle theorem. By placing opposing sources/sinks at the inverted point, the circle will be an isocurve of the resulting flow:

It’s not clear what you mean ‘paths or lines will be better’

Also, here’s a version of the earlier sphere definition without using RhinoPolyhedra or Weaverbird (23.4 KB)


I am just a month with all this stuff about geometry, patterns, relations, block and grasshopper at all and its quite fascinating . Any recommendations for further reading will be appreciated . Btw . what maths courses do i need to better understand all this? I really thank you for the help , ill read more about this

It started fine but at the end after some time because optimization i iguess the mesh disappear . I included tolerance 0.0001

I am amazed how you develped Nautilus . Its quite amazing and complicated work . quite a bunch of examples to study , thanks

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Nautilus is a bunch of tools I did when answering questions on forum and now on this forum. I learned a lot.