{how to} 3D-rotate direction of object


I wish to learn how you’d perform this brief operation:

rotate/align a shape to a ‘flat’ position - as if orienting to XY plane but not via orient.

I have a planar facet floating in 3D space:

First go-to was Kangaroo (I was already using it in this project) - went with Vertex Loads (probably not needed) and OnMesh to make the facet ‘fall to’ (not really) the ‘flat’ plane:

It works yet feels a bit rudimentary/unnecessary.

Second try was via RotateDirection, using CrossProduct; although the facet does change to a ‘flat’ position, it loses its ‘alignment’ relative to the original facet:

The third attempt involves considering X then Y direction(s) to make sure the floating facet gets rotated to ‘flat’ position without losing alignment:

I’m asking because this will eventually help garantee proper repositioning of multiple fabricable objects mounted to various polyhedral *molds.

Any insight appreciated.
I thank you beforehand.

It seems like you can divide the polygon with points, create a plane through the points, then orient the geometry from this plane to an XY plane

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Thank you for your answer @devin_jernigan, however that won’t work!

(I mean: it will work for reorienting, but that’s not the goal)


Oh, align the plane after you create it

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