How starting this project?

First sorry for my bad english!

I’m a new user with Rhino and read the tutorial, make somes exercices.
I would want to know from the good user what is the best technique to reproduce this seat?

What is the best step? I know that my question is large but i try to find the best way to make this?

thank for your comment!


Hi Sylvian - I would get all the ‘obvious’ views of the object if possible - side, top, etc. Any drawings that look reliable would help as well. I’d place the images in Rhino using BackgroundBitmap, or PictureFrame.

Then, and this is the tricky part if you are just getting going, I would spend some time thinking about how to organize the surfaces - this is not an especially easy project to do well, so you might want to familiarize yourself with Rhino’s various surfacing tools with some simpler projects. As a general strategy though, it’s usually useful split up the shapes mentally into ‘primary’ and ‘transitional’ surfaces and model them separately . So for example, you might want to make the red object at the right as a hard edged ‘wedge’ shape with simple, clean surfaces and sharp corners, and then make the blends or fillets that soften it afterwards. In short, keep your model organized as much as possible and try not to force a single surface to accomplish too much… the result will tend to be crisper and the design more readable.


I agree with what @pascal has said, but have some items to add.

Model half of it, split on centreline, then mirror when finished.
The basic shape can be done with a Sweep1 (see image attached)

Probably Trim this in Top View
Use some type of Extrude variant on the edges, then fillet these to add some detail. (This will need some playing around with and testing to get right.)

Good luck.

Thank for your suggestion! :slightly_smiling:

I start with the orange part…make only half of it et use mirror. Look nice! It’s ok.
But now, i have a really problem to progress…what you suggest? Make a surface on RIGHT view to create the gray part?, make another surface on TOP VIEW to finish the 3D part ? Not easy to progress!!!


Yeah, the grey part is tricky. It will need multiple surfaces and Blend them together.

In hindsight, maybe you need to model black, orange and grey parts as one PolySurface (ignoring the joins, but split on centreline), then Split them apart and add connection/transition details (fillets etc.) It very much depends on what you need the model for in the end.

Plan and Profile views of the back end will make life a bit easier.