How should I model this geometry?

Hi guys, I was wondering in rhino/grasshopper how should I model this geometry? Minimum surface/kangaroo?

I was using Marvelous designer to make this geometry. Should be the same concept behind

I think that top one is form from revolved arcs:

There isn’t a minimal surface with those 2 edges as boundary - it just collapses to a strand.

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Making Dan’s solution above but in Subd will make it easier to get smooth forms with out having to fight your continuities


You can also do the same thing with 6 arcs instead of 4 and get a shape that rolls in a funny way:

Thanks Dan! Revolve is the right solution for this case. But I was thinking more genral case like a membrane stretched around any kind of frame(like the example showed below in which the rings are covered by stretched membrane). how to simulate the stretched surface in rhino/grasshopper ?