How set up Default Template File Centimeters as startup file



Hey there, I want to start with Centimeters Template file. Where do I set it up. by default Rhino is running with the Millimeters…thxH

(Jakob Normand) #2

Hi @hannesgrebin

Start Rhino and ignore the splash-screen. When Rhino is done doing its start-up routine, start a new file (File>New or ctrl+N) and locate the centimetes template. At the very bottom of the dialog theres a small check box saying “Use this file when Rhino starts” (or something similar). Check it and click OK. Close Rhino to make sure it sticks, and when you re-launch Rhino, the cm-template should be loaded.

HTH, Jakob


Thanks @Normand Jakob!! Done :smile:

(Hope Zh) #4

Thanks, @Normand, for the tip.