How put color or text to object after filter options

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how to put colour or text after the user chooses an option from the filter and disappear the other colour or text

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multi option with filter and put colour or text of (19.6 KB) …

the problem when the user changes the options the colour keep at the same color

If you use Relay instead of a parameter like Surface or Brep,
then, you can use Item Index to choose color per geo.

multi option with filter and put colour or text of (15.4 KB)


thanks … its work :slight_smile:

This is a different way to do it. Two Stream Filter components controlled by the same Value List (blue group). Merge is used for both breps and colors so the wire connections are explicit with no chance of getting them out of sequence.

filter and (17.3 KB)

I can imagine a third way using Cull Pattern

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A third way using Cull Pattern:

filter and (15.9 KB)

P.S. By the way, I noticed some redundancy on the left side of the canvas so simplified that:

filter and (16.1 KB)

Those ‘Bifocals’ labels really mess up the canvas and are redundant unless you use icons.

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Slow day. Only three sliders are needed to define these four panels. Got rid of those pesky Bifocals too.

filter and (16.2 KB)

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wow, thank you so much… I really appreciate your help

More cull patterns:

filter and (16.5 KB)