How map mesh of picture onto a vase?

Hi! I’m looking to map the mesh of a picture (e.g. one derived from heightfield) onto a vase. What is missing in my definition that is causing the morphed mesh to get all spiky?
vase for (1.5 MB)

it seems your mesh is not well oriented, most of the time XY axis are “equivalent” to UV.
So it works better with a rotation

vase for dad (1.5 MB)

But I am not sure it is the best method to do this here.

For me a better way will be to use an image with image sampler and reconstruct an image.
choose an image
Input it in the image sample (double click on it)
Don’t forget to click on Colour Brightness
Add a Grahp mapper on the output. So you could invert the image and tune the contrast.
You could also add a slight thickness so you could

vase for dad (191.4 KB)

With that you could then use the classical Rhinoceros tool to make a solid version of this vase.

And if you want the tree just on a portion of the vase

Change the domain and use clamp.


Incroyable! Thank you so much for this explanation and definition - it works like a charm! (Incidentally, I’ve benefited from your forum definitions for years, and am very much in your debt.) Cheers, Reggie

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