How many users do you think are still using Rhino 5?

As Rhino 7 rolled out, I’m considering about my plugin droppping Rhino 5 support.

How many people do you think are still using Rhino 5?

I am

Same here. But I believe covid is major reason for that also. Upgrade is not a very big cost, but for multiple licenses it may be a problem.

What do you mean by “support” exactly? You mean you only limit yourself to Rhino SDK methods which are present in Rhino5? Or do you mean make a special version of your plugin which runs on Rhino5? Or …?

Now my plugin is based on Rhino 5’s SDK and use reflections to call R6-only methods for features on Rhino6 & GH1, which is error-prone and cumbersome. Because I don’t want to maintain two branches so that the current version would be the last one based on V5 RhinoCommon.