How many plugins does GH support

how many plugins can gh tab can hold i have so many some of them are not showing but when type component name im getting those plugins. how solve this and recently seen some request about cluster display name is not change when can to icon mode or short name mode @DavidRutten you have any answer ctrl alt rmb also not working for all for location i was using @daniel gonzález abalde plugin phyllomachine unable locate component with this ctrl alt rmb locator.


Hi -

If the icon mode doesn’t show all plug-ins, you should perhaps consider

  • getting a hi-res screen
  • doing something about the scaling in Windows
  • uninstall plug-ins that you don’t use

There’s nothing in Grasshopper 1 that can help you organize the plug-ins in a different way.

Note: all Phyllomachine components are listed here:

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It doesn’t work with clusters (.ghuser), just with compiled plugins (.gha). PhylloMachine is a cluster/userobject based plugin.

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