How many "Me" in this universe?

Hi all,
I try to find a logic to seek for alike objects and put them into a layer.
I am thinking about compare volume and its centroid of volume but not sure how to kick it off.
Attached is the issue I’m facing off:
there are 4 sets

  1. 1x1x1 box with a hole at corner (4 pieces)
  2. 1x1x1 box with a hole at center (3 pieces)
  3. 1x1x1 box with 1 face shifted aside (2 pieces)
  4. 1x1x1 box (1 piece)
    Since I’m basing on volume only and
    A: (1) & (2) having same volume/ same area
    B: (3) & (4) having same volume/ same area
    Therefore, after making set of these geometries, I’ve got 2 sets A (7 pieces) and B(3 pieces)
    Which is should be:
    1: 4 pieces
    2: 3 pieces
    3: 2 pieces
    4: 1 piece
    Any idea to develop the gh. would be MUCH appreciated.
    Thank you in advance.
    finding (31.4 KB)

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