How many Block-Instances are too much?

Hi everyone
I just now started using Blocks in Rhino.

Aaand maybe I over did it with the amount of Block-Instances.
I thought because blocks are here for placing many items, i can care less about the amount of instances. Now my file is somehow corrupted. (I can open it, but it behaves weard - shading mode is displayed wrong and some other things)

I wonder how many Instances are too much? (I got around 50’000). And does the complexity of a block have an effect on performance?

And is there a guidline how to best put together a BIM-Model?

Thanks for any advice!
Greetings Beyon

Hi Yannis -

That would depend on your hardware and the complexity of the block.
If you would like us to take a look, you could either post the 3dm file here or, if it can’t be public, upload it - Rhino - Upload to Support

You’d have to explain what that means to you. But, no, there are no guidelines.

Thank your for your reply and your offer.

But it’s not an issue, i have tons of autosaves. :wink:
I mainly asked out of curiosity.

Since you write complexity of a block matters, i’ll assume that’s the reason. Since my blocks are no simple building-components, but model of trees, rocks and so forth :slight_smile:

Thanks again

Hi Yannis -

Yea, for things like that, and if that is important to you, you might want to look for 3rd party rendering applications that do instancing at render-time.