How long does it take to learn 2D Instructional Animation?



I was just wondering about how long it takes(estimate in hours preferably. 1000-2000hours?) until someone, starting from beginner level experience is able to learn a 3d program, Animation principles and then produce a quality 2D Instructional Animation?

Also I would like to know how long does a 5 minute quality 3d animation generally take to produce having adequate knowledge and experience?

Perhaps a third question if you don’t mind big_smile, Does IPisoft motion capture work very well? Will it capture a fight scene between two people sufficiently? I want to know about ipisoft simply because If I do pursue animation, I would think motion capture would cut labor down quite a bit for independent projects.

Thank you


hi Clark, the animation examples you provided dont require any 3d skills maximum pseudo 3d… this could be done with some basic software and computer knowledge pretty fast, there is not much going on just rotating and moving images, (perspectively moved for 3d appearance) which can be even done pretty fast depending on how much beginner you are in some simple standard software like photoshop.

you dont have to use any adobe of course there are sure plenty of packages which do to that. i guess it will take you maybe a day getting into it creating your first complete short animation. if you have a story board and a bit of an idea how you want to present. probably even faster if you have somebody to ask or at least a little experience with some creative software.

you can sure also use 3d to make animations looking like 2d, which would enhance your possibilities playing more with perspectives.

never heard of Ipisoft, but this would be a complete different Liga comparing this to regular Instructional Animation. if you are talking about motion capturing then this is more like the complete 3d Animation package to learn and will of course take quite some time longer. having no expierence at all this is difficult to estimate, that can take years or just a few weeks depending how fast you get into it.