How keep an object with many parts selectable as a whole after joined with another object

Im planning on bridging the below cats paw to the rest of the figure. I put the paw in its own group in hopes that once I bridge it to the rest of the figure I can easily select it and move it around, as it has many small parts that would be tricky to select once its part of the figure. But even though it is in it own group, once I bridged it to the rest of the figure I cant select just the paw on its own. Im sure Im just missing a step, but am stuck.

Any help is appreciated.



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Noted John.

I put it in what I thought was the appropriate category before (Rhino Windows), but got no response, so thought maybe I’d post it in the open as I usually get responses that way.


Hi Matthew - making a named selection set might work. (NamedSelections) it persists better than I expected when combining objects but I am not sure how reliable that will be.


Great, Ill give that a shot, thanks so much for the response Pascal