How is this done with Gumball?

I was trying to follow this tutorial, but am halted 33sec in. There is no audio, so I don’t know what additional keys are being pressed. Basically, it looks like he Sub-selects the edges then uses the scale handle to extrude.


No matter what I do (Holding Shift, Ctrl, or Alt) I do not get the same result.
Video. From 0:33-0:42

Hi CalypsoArt,

Hold Ctrl+Shift then left click on the edge to subselect it.


  • Mike

Mike, I get how to subselect the edges, what I don’t get is the extrusion of those edges like in the video.
I get this, or some other odd manipulation.

Hello - the little dot in the middle of the arrows creates an extrusion - the old way, still works, is to hold Ctrl down before you let go of the mouse button when dragging.


Gracias. It was the timing of holding the Ctrl. An example of the problem with training videos without sound and specifics.