How is that toggle SubD< > Low poly toggle tool coming along?

Currently it looks like object level toggle is happening in the latest WIP, and I find it confusing. I’m not positive but it looks like if something’s selected, it’s the only thing that toggles, and if nothing is selected, everything toggles. But if one object is smooth and another flat, and you deselect all and then toggle, both objects invert their status.

The only rationale I can come up with for object level toggle is to work on multiple objects and be able to maintain smooth visualization for some of them. Maybe if it was possible to do viewport toggle instead of object toggle, that visualization could be maintained without being confusing?

Hi Max - this will go away next week - the toggle will be global only, and we’ll see how that flies.


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cool. one other thing that seems buggy and creates visualization problems: in flat mode, shouldn’t the in-process lines when using _3DFace also toggle, and become straight lines? That way you can see them lining up with adjacent faces as you draw. Currently the _3Dface will show up in flat mode only after it’s completed and you click out of the command.

Hi Max - I see that, thanks.


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Hi @pascal,

I was out on vacation last week, and as I can see I can’t leave you guys alone :slight_smile:

Here’s my concern about smoothing all instead of smoothing only a selection. We work with a lot of large/heavy files/scenes sometimes, especially with our automotive work or when we do ghasshoppery lattices, or bikes (tires thread details) or footwear soles with lots of stuff.

So here’s a public model to show what happens…

a very clean/small model, that’s been quad meshed.

When the model is on faceted mode the entire model is about 4 million polygons. Totally manageable in Open GL, VR applications, etc. Even in my laptop with an RTX 5000 card (very good for a laptop, but not desktop class).

If the entire model is subdivided the polygon count gets up to 62M and just the toggling alone takes minutes to happen (in Modo).

Of course this model is already a high-poly frozen model, and in reality a subD design model with be a lot lighter in lowpoly mode, but when toggled to smooth mode it will get past 10 million polys of Open GL for sure, and I don’t even know how well/fast Rhino can handle that ‘realtime’ conversion when you are dealing with a range of 500-2000 objects.

Products like Tsplines (and Fusion 360) are great to model a spoon, a rubber ducky or a very simple product. This is why we’ve always find it not very useful for more complex projects. If that low object count complexity it’s all what Rhino is intending to replace then you are fine doing a global toggle. It won’t be very useful for us for those projects unfortunately.

I’m planning to use Rhino to model/remodel/render(via Octane)/reference a lot of much more complex products/models, so that’s why I’m thinking of polygonal/smoothing economies of scale.

Does this make sense?


Global toggle. Object toggle.



Both options for smoothing should be available, In T-splines you could actually select all objects by box mode or smooth mode. Its extremely useful when you have a couple of hundred objects which in my line of work is quite often, and having everything with smooth mode is taxing on computer resources.

Once you reach a single object with 1 million+ polys however, forget about editing it in rhino…lol zbrush’s subdivision levels are a godsend :slight_smile:

Flexibility, completeness, situational applicability…

I don’t understand the desire to omit outside of expediency?

RH-55235 is fixed in the latest WIP