How is that toggle SubD< > Low poly toggle tool coming along?

I still would like McNeel to build the needle first. How’s that tab key = toggle between SubD/Low poly coming along? Any week now, right?


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If all goes well, next Tuesday.

Dear developers, headphones on, cancel all meetings, play this on repeat for focus. We are shipping Tuesday!


RH-53220 is fixed in the latest WIP

hahaha! thanks Brian, Brian & Associates.

Hi @brian and @BrianJ , I’m marking this as unsolved again. Nice to see this getting traction, but still needs some work IMO. Please see here:

in summary:

  • weird shading/material bug
  • It’s ignoring selection
  • It needs a toggle key binding functionality



PS: the video is not playing on my end from this page, but if you right-click and select ‘copy video address’ and paste in new browser tab it should work.



Excellent feedback. I totally agree. +1

Thanks for staying on top of this process and not giving up.

I feel like a working Sub-D feature set is FINALLY sailing into view … although the ship often stops completely for no reason other than to enjoy some fishing and shuffleboard. :slight_smile:


Yeah nice sailing, sure. This is me every week reviewing their first pass of what they just finished building:

It’s like having a company, 2 offices, employees, clients, 2 kids at home… it’s not enough jobs, so here I am chaperoning this chilled team too. Oh well…


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+1 for a single button to change “creamy” to “crunchy” and vice versa.
The ideal in my case would be the “Tab” key

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Ref: Sub-D feedback and possible features request
Ref: Creamy and Crunchy SubDs

Thanks for the feedback @gustojunk I’ve added it all to the feature request. To recap… you’d like the Tab key to toggle the mode for all subd if none are selected and only selected subd otherwise.

Regarding your display issues with multi colored faces in flat shading, which is what crunchy uses. I Am unable to reproduce this here so far and bet it’s a display mode setting. Can you export out any mode that does this and send the ini file to me? Then please check if restoring the mode to defaults fixes it on your machine to rule out a system specific cause. Thanks, I’ll file this separately after I know more.

That sounds so weird… and is therefore difficult to remember.
Please keep in mind that Rhino is multi lingual and needs to be easy to remember for lots of people :slight_smile:

Yes, thanks. We discussed this a bit internally and the name isn’t final by any means. This is just the name the developer came up with for a first test of the modes so the commands would be memorable. If we end up making Tab toggle the modes, the command names will become less important I bet but we can make them less abstract for sure. FYI @dalelear


+++ on any workable simple implementation of rapid toggle functionality regardless of whether editing form or not.

Key Sub-D feature when complexity/topography demands it.


SD enter (or space) could also be a nice shortcut to toggle SubD on an off if tab is in use for som reason.
I think if Tab (or a shortcut) is used on no selection then a ’select objects to toggle’ should appear with an ‘all on’ and ‘all off’ option instead of automatically just toggle all, as that would be in harmony with how other tools act in Rhino IMO.

IMO what we need is a subd working mode just like we had with tsplines, because working with subd is requesting a completely different workflow. Tab to toggle is only one of the many features that could use enterless hotkeys.

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I rather change careers that having to keep using multiple keys (like S + D) plus a ‘commit key’ like Enter or Spacebar.

One thing Rhino developers and old time users completely miss IMO is the howl concept of a ‘shortcut’. A short cut shoddy be short. It’s part of the word, you see: shot-cut. So let’s cut the crap with this ancient requirement of Rhino to require multi-step ‘longcuts’.

The Tsplines team already proved that single key shortcuts are possible and welcome.

Also re: tab key… I think the Tab key should be modal:

  • It should work in text fields when the focus/input/cursor is already on a text field.

  • it should work to constraint direction of a line when it’s being use mid-command of a line/move tool.

  • it should work for toggling SubDFacetedMode and SubDSmoothMode, when it’s not in the prior two modal states. Also in this case it should toggle selected or all (when nothing selected), but it should give a warning it toggling all would bring Rhino to its OpenGL knees based on the count or polygons to be subdivided and your system’s performance.

Can we review all this next week’s Tuesday? :crazy_face:



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RH-53220 is fixed in the latest WIP

I’ve been playing with the toggle and it looks good.

Some stickiness selecting faces with ctrl-shift click in Flat mode. Not sure if that’s my mouse or if it’s in the program.

One thing worth looking into:

In smooth mode, if I delete faces using ctrl-shift click delete, and then redraw them differently using 3DFace, I need the interpolate option on to have all the edges line up so they’ll close when I use Join.

In flat mode, if I do this, and use 3DFace to redraw deleted faces, I first need to turn control points on to show the vertices of the flat version, and then I need to turn the interpolate option off to get new faces to line up.

In a subD plug in I’ve used quite a lot, this process was more automatic. when drawing single faces, the options were:
a. weld to the subD object you’re drawing on or not,
b. autoquad on/off- once you draw four vertices, the face is automatically done, no need to click out.

but regardless of whether you were in smooth or flat mode, the vertex snap brought you to which ever vertexes were visible at the time.

This all adds up to fewer clicks than the current WIP build’s implementation of the same function.

@gustavo - I am not clear as to why the object level toggle is needed? What does that get you, in the workflow?