How is Text Size Measured?

I did some test printouts of blueprints. One of my concerns was readability.

I had text as 12 inches in Rhino and I printed out the model at 1:96.

I was expecting the text would be 12 * 72 / 96 = 9 pt.

Instead, the printed text looked like 14 pt., Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure, billboard text staring at me from the 5 foot long sheets.

I need text of various sizes so I was wondering how to convert Rhino text size to point size when scaled.

At 1:96, 12" text will be 1/8th of an inch high. In theory, yes, 9 points at 72 points per inch. Point sizes are difficult though, as the text height of the same number of points varies with the typeface - in text documents. However Rhino makes the heights exact to the specified height (inches or mm). Below are texts with 5 different typefaces at 10mm (distance between the red guidelines) You can see that they are pretty exact.


So you folks do not count the descenders in the text height?

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That explains the discrepancy.