How is it possible to have such a mesh in Rhino?

This is a part of McLaren car model which has been claimed to be modeled using Rhino. Even T-Spline doesn’t make such array of polygons after conversion into Mesh. I amazed by looking at the model and seeing how those triangles arrayed. When you convert T-Spline or Rhino’s native poly-surface into mesh, there are some parts contains quads and parts contains triangles but this model has just triangles arrayed nicely and created a high quality surface. What is the trick? Does the modeler try to deceive people all over the world by pertaining this car model to Rhino while it’s been modeled in SubD softwares like Maya, 3DS MAX or C4D?
What is the reality? I asked him but got no answer.
1.3dm (787.8 KB)

For those who want to see the whole car, this is the link:
There is other high quality models in this man’s profile which is high quality like this.


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Those texts are created automatically based on what types of files you are uploading. For example if you upload *.3dm it writes Rhino. If you upload .jpg it writes Rendering. etc

His profile says he uses Rhino, Maya, 3dMax. Probably he only distributes the rhino file.

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