How is digitizer plugin SendRay() orientation data used?

My digitizer plugin is using CDigitizerPlugin()::SendRay() to deliver digitizer position and orientation data into Rhino.
We have tested this with the Point, Multipoint, Polyline, Line Segment drawing tools in Rhino 4 and 5.

I assume that none of these tools makes use of the orientation data included in the ON_3dRay object that is sent in the SendRay() method.

What tools do use this data?

Suzanne at Polhemus.

Hi Suzanne,

I am not sure any built-in Rhino command use the direction vector passed in by SendRay(). But having the data can be very helpful if you are writing your own command(s) and need to know the direction of the digitizing arm. For example, you could write a command to set the current view based on the orientation of the arm.

Not sure this helps…

– Dale