How I can create 3d Section on Human UI?

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How create 3d Section on Human UI ?
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Andrew Heumannandheum
Matt Gaydon
Wim Dekeyserwim
Joe Babb
Michael Martin

Can you provide how you are creating the section? Some of the work you’ve done so far?


No, this is not possible within the 3d view control. The 3d view in Human UI is not intended as a replacement for the 3d view in Rhino, it’s a supplement. You’ll have to create/ update clipping planes in the Rhino view from your script. See one example here: Creating clipping plane from Grasshopper? - #10 by fraguada

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Thank you for your reply… :slight_smile:

I am thinking there is may see a way to convert “ID” to “Mesh”, as to define in “Human UI” and be previewed in the viewport of “Human UI”.

Have look at the attachment, I hope you will find a solution for it.

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To Andheum.3dm (39.2 KB)
To (9.2 KB)