How hide domain curve

Is it possible to hide part of a curve domain?


Hi @0904,

You have not provided enough information for us to help. We need more details.

What are you trying to do and why? What does “hide” mean?

Are you programming in C++, C# or Python?

– Dale

Hi Dale,

It’s about matching different pieces:

Case 1) two peice separate
Case 2) line blu match in sign red (type line dashed)
Case 3) now, I change blu line, red line follows blue line
This is achieved by copying the blue line with active History
Only thing I would need can decide the line dashed As New Red Line selected

ps I hope you can do with Python? Thanks

Hi, @dale

Do you think it’s possible with Python?

Hello - so far I am too stupid to understand what you want to do. Do you want to draw a sub-curve in Python, while keeping the full curve? What is the context - are you making an analysis mode or?


Hi, @pascal thanks for answer
the context is that of the textile industry

The ideal would be a Parametric SubCrv
But there is no such function in the rhino

The idea is to create a copy of the curve with the active history
of this copy select the dashes of the domain to be displayed

Yes, do you think is possible with Rhino?

Hello - so in general, you want to have a curve in the Rhino document, of which some part only is displayed. I imagine it is possible with a display conduit and event watcher… but it will be complicated…


why an event observer is needed?
it is not enough to use display conduit
since the copied curve follows origin?