How have you customized your Rhino UI?

I prefer a dark theme with some high contrast elements. I came from AutoCad so very used to the black background. I also prefer few toolbars and lots of working space. Hotkeys over toolbars for sure.

I typically choose dark theme on any software if it’s an option. White or light colored backgrounds hurt my eyes after many hours of screen time.

Well, I use the Rhino UI “as is” except some floating toolbars in workspace like section and paneling tools, auxpecker, 3DE math, boltgen.
I tried customization several times but I always reverted the UI back.

hahaha, ı use Keyboard shortcut. 352 shortcut

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FTW! :smile:

…begs the question: How many commands are there in total?

import Rhino

counter = 0

for i in Rhino.Commands.Command.GetCommandNames(True, True):
    counter += 1
print counter

Gets list of command names in Rhino. This list does not include Test, Alpha, or System commands.

938 Loaded
1063 Registered, (may not be currently loaded) ,commands.


1000+ Not including the options (sometimes dozens) in each command… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My head hurts… :face_with_head_bandage:

Pretty minimalist as for a guy with 21:9 screen. :wink:

macros that I have written to make a process and also scripts.I have defined shortcuts to 352 keys.

have multiple screens.

The custom toolbar is sweet!
Same as others, I used to customize my toolbars in previous versions but gave up over the years.
But this sidebar idea in combination with the nearer command console is worth a try.

2x Eizo EV2730Q :see_no_evil:
best screens I ever had for CAD

also no toolbars, strictly aliases.


Is this the mac-version?


That’s even more than Howard Marks

Though he had up to 43 aliases, he became known as “Mr. Nice” after he bought a passport from convicted murderer Donald Nice.

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Eat your heart out, Mac.
Latest achievement:

R6 Options.ini (149.4 KB)

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Very nice. How did you color the normally white backgrounds of the layers and properties panel? I couldn’t find options for it.


Search ‘Dark theme’ for discussion of how to do this (and why you might not want to).