How far is Cycles away?

How far is the first WIP of Cycles for the Rhino Mac version away?

Probably the V6 WIP, which is not available yet, not even internally to in-house testing.
It will be a while.

The render development kit needed for this isn’t completely cross-platform yet. That, and some of my time to ensure the Cycles integration code also compiled on the Mac is needed.

My own integration efforts for Cycles on Windows is focused on getting it ready for v6 on Windows. Once that is done I can devote time to making the Mac effort. I don’t know precisely when that will happen. I suppose my dev answer would be Soon™, but not earlier then humanly possible…


why a big software house as mcneel doesn’t support you and your good work with another one developer to speed up the MAC version development process?
I think that rhino MAC with cycles and grasshopper will be the definitive and complete 3d software for next decades.
this is of course my opinion… :slight_smile:

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You’re entitled to your opinion of course, but here are some facts:

  • Nathan works for McNeel.
  • We have at least three developers working on cross platform support for Cycles.
  • McNeel is far from a “big software house”

but in my opinion with Rhino Mac + Grasshopper + Cycles, McNeel will became very soon a “big software house”, staying there for decades…!

Excellent! I look forward to that!

Nothing to add to what @andy said. Continuing as I were.