How does 'panel' work when in the combination pull point+panel+equality

Hi, All.
I have a question about the function of ‘panel’.
It seems when I use like below image , it can help to treat data tree in some way that I don’t understand so that the points circled can be screened. Please compare with the scripts without using panel. Can anyone help me to understand the work of ‘panel’? Many thanks!

Your images of the GH canvas are too small (for me) to see any detail. There is never a good reason for running data through a text panel, and some good reasons to avoid that. Is it possible that component previews are competing with each other, hiding points?

A panel is a text container. It converts all data that you plug into it into text, and then it displays and outputs those texts. It does not in any way change the data layout. It will however round numeric values to make them more readable. Usually the numbers are limited to 6 decimal places, but very large and very small values will be displayed as scientific notation (i.e. 4.64e14 which means 4.64 \cdot 10^{14})

Like Joseph said, never run your data through a panel unless you really want to get the display text of each value.

Thanks @Joseph_Oster @DavidRutten, you two helped me to understand panel tool further. I think you two are right, to avoide use panel to process data if there are better way to do this. I used ‘round’ now , and it works well! Thanks for your explainations and hints! :slight_smile: