How does one nudge in direction along a line and not ortho?

Hi, V5
I need to perform a nudge in Top view along a line drawn in that view at a slight angle to xy.

Nudge works ortho, but I need it to ask for direction, then click the line in two places, then use arrow keys.

How is nudge done in a certain direction other than ortho ?


Could you make a line in that angle direction you describe and move the object in that direction?—-Mark

Sorry not understanding that.
I need to use nudge command in top view, in the direction of my line, also drawn in top view, not sure how making another line same as existing helps, and how doing so allows use of nudge along that line ?
here is the task simplified. I need what nudge gives me, incremental steps of movement in one direction, but not just ortho.
nudge direction of line.3dm (28.9 KB)


I was thinking you could make a line in the direction desired, then if you know how much you want to move it in that direction. Would that get you there?-Mark

Hi Steve- set the CPlane X axis on the line you want to use, then nudge keys should do what you need.