How does one move a hole in a solid of planar and no planar surfaces?

Hi, carrying on from SC thread to avoid altering its path !
attached a solid with cage edited lower surface. sub selection ctrl shift and gumball move the hole and get a mess.
MoveHole wont even select the hole.

googled this, found no answer, maybe in tutorials but its just to redirect the thread so no time to go viewing tuts just now,

MoveHoleCageEditedSolid.3dm (168.3 KB)

for this, best is to make a round trip to SC :wink:

unfortunately otherwise the only option you have is untrim the hole and make a new one

SC really … that prog rings a bell somewhere.

Might as well ask, I also get warning move of hole, even cloning the solid and moving that, breaks the cage. is that bad ? Cant just leave things fixture, got to be able to move, but as said havent time to go study videos on this, not a job as such.

How to avoid that warning in Rhino ?


if you want the history relation to stay, you should move the cage rather than the object. But if you indeed change the hole, it will break the relation with the cage.

In a case like this, SpaceClaim does prove useful. Increase the complexity and your success in SpaceClaim is hit and miss. At least that’s what I experience.