How does one fill lettering on a curved surface with colour?

after flow along curve (yet to Pull to surface) I hatch the text with black solid and get invalid geometry warning, click report bug and it cannot do so,.
But is it a bug, or maybe hatch cannot be used on a curvy item ?


Hi Steve, it is not a bug…


So how do I fill this with black ?
I have now tried filling with black after pull command is used, but I get the same error.

I will instead have to trim the surface and use that giving it a black layer, though black will go silvery in Shaded view, so a very dark grey which doesnt go so silvery.

HOWEVER the right half of the 8 although it intersects, wont trim the surface, rest will.

It was created with the text tool, flow along path, then PULL to surface.

so I run intersect, and use the result, and still it wont trim the surface.

I need this in black, how can I do this ?
I have 8 to do each a different number.

anyone ?
STENCILLING FLOW AND HATCH BUG try for trim.3dm (1.1 MB)
Help please.


I find out that PULL is misbehaving and causing MINUTE THIN, Z bends in a previously good curve( curve created by Rhino Text Tool), font Stencil.
attached one example, hald the o doesnt trim surface, rest did.

Then I must place trimmed surface onto a layer one step away from black.
Ten to stop interaction with the beighe, I need to offset srf, chose 0.001 inch

Now to do another 7 lots.

Ideally need a hatch for non planar curves following a surface !
Failure of PULL to keep integrity of text causes trim failures.3dm (1.2 MB)

Hi Steve - looks like you need to fix that flowed curve before pulling it - remove the messy bits with DeleteSubCrv then BlendCrv across and join.

If you turn on CurvatureGraph with a scale ~80 or so, you’ll see there are a number of locations where the curvature spikes and you could repair with the above tools.


why is rhino doing that to text created with text tool ?

I guess I should inspect the original text , but if its pure then flow is doing the damage, either way it shouldnt happen. Fonts are supposed to be devoid of any glitches like that.

Whats the best way of inspecting for such flaws , curvature graph or DeleteSubCrv, and how does one ‘home in’ on the squiffy bits ?

I try for DeleteSubCrv and it asks me to select the start point, so before I do that I need to see where the flaws are, as they are so microscopic one could take ages zooming in and hunting around a curve for the flaw.

If the flaws are in the text on a curved surface just selecting one half of a stencil font 8 sees an unusable graph as lines go all ways, a mess, so that method doesnt work.

So what command will seek out such foldback z bends and highlight them ?

Also having found two flaws in a 1, fixed and repulled, its cut of the surface is terrible, why ?

the surface doesnt fill the shape at all, ter selected the shape edge goes tellow indicating that the surface does fill it., other chars havent done this, using same surface each time.
as the intent is to get coloured text, this is no good at all.
trim to 1 is an odd shape.3dm (770.8 KB)

No they’re not, they were never designed for this, fonts are FULL of such glitches. I have to fix them all the time. Illustrator was not invented for cutting steel.


Hi, I run the graph for character 1, which fails to trim, despite fixing 2 Z bends, the trims a ‘odd surface result’
I have a low number for the display but some lines are far bigger, and some are HUGE, its such a mess I cant see where a fault lies.
I want something that identifies a micro kink or whatever, something that looks for curves anomalies, going by distance between or something. I cant use this mess, as reducing the graph setting to see the massive lines reduces the other parts to be non viewable.

Its taking me hours to try and find flaws, whole day trying to do some text on a surface.

Should I instead redraw the text then flow it along curve ?

I run rebuild but it cannot follow the shape at all.

Whats the quickest way of eradicating ant flaws in original font ?
project to Cplane, or rebuild (but that failed terribly) or what ?

No12345678 text number problems after flow.3dm (939.5 KB)

Hello - you’re dealing with multiple potential areas of imperfection - first, font curves tend to be junky, they are not designed for surfacing. They are tangent at best and often not even. Then Flow - this is not an exact process- the objects are refit and it is a complicated process; then Pull involves another refitting. My guess is the Zs and loops are mostly a combination of the first two and not Pull.

I do not think there is any magic here, but making sure the text curves are clean and G2 will help - here is a flow of a cleaner curve:


Hi, redrawn 1 quickly with many clicks but at least pure original rhino curves !
flow it, trim surface, and still a jagged fill.

redrawn 1 trim result mess.3dm (495.5 KB)
Why ?

Its doing me in, 4hrs, no lunch, all I want is a few bits of text on a surface in black.
Rhino :cry:


I’d think about using decals here.

Messy, and not G2 here.

Why quickly? Not good enough - see how much time it’s taking you to do it quickly? You should probably redraw every letter from the alphabet you are using and place clean curves - there is no way to simply will text curves into being useful.

Failure of PULL to keep integrity of text causes trim failures.3dm (71.4 KB)


Hi, I cant find out anything about decals on www.

I have access to rhino3D tips etc online now, again Ctrl F on the webpage (as there is no search function), and enter decals finds nothing.

What file type for a transparent background for starters, no one says of such.

Do decals display in shaded view, or do they need rendered view, I cannot see a V5 tutorial anywhere.
AlI can see on www is a v7 demo, and v6, I am V5.

even to see a video demo might help. I find one and hes using opaque files doesnt even say the file type, its so bang crash wallop, as if his pants are on fire., someone asks what about compound , reply do you own.
I need these to show in shaded view, is that possible ?
I feel the whole day is going to be spent on some text :frowning:
I cant understand the language much in the one I found, and hes using rendered view. . No one is doing a decals tut in plain english or V5.
I type decals into help, but it tells of the options, no video runs.

I just took the curve interpolate tool and traced quickly round the 1 after placing straight lines in.

is the non G2 responsible for that jagged mess after trim ?

I will redraw it again, with G2 . if I can see how to make interpolate curve tool do a G2.
I launch Interpolate curve tool, click on degree=3 type 2 hit enter and its still g3.
How do I make this G2 when drawing it from scratch ? I always use the Interp curve tool.