How does "divided" box mapping work?

How should I structure the image file for the “Divided” option so that:
a) each side of a cube has a unique image
b) four sides of the cube have a unique image (for un-capped box mappings)

Where do you see a “divided” option?

Right, I must say I haven’t used that before.

To map an image atlas onto one object you’d have to edit the mapping so that you can place each face where you want it.

  1. Start by applying a box mapping, make user it is divided
  2. With your object selected run _UVEditor
  3. In the UV editor mode select each face and orient it on the material/texture as you need it
  4. Press Apply in the UVEditor dialog

Note that the uv mapping will change to custom object.

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Ok, Thank you. Wasn’t aware of the UV editor step. Makes sense now.