How does AngleFactor input for Rod component work?


I’m wondering what the input ‘AngleFactor’ for the component ‘Rod’ means? I thought it meant the change in angle between the rods in rest and in active state but when I adjust the parameter nothing changes in the model.

(I was hoping to decrease a bit the angles between the beams or ‘rods’ (together with increasing their bending) so they are more like a continuous element.)

bending active grid 2021 05 (28.1 KB)

It’s a factor of the angles of the input geometry. If your input rod is all straight it won’t change anything because multiplying zero by a factor of any other number gives you zero.

If you want to start with a straight rod and give it a non straight rest state you can use angle goals between consecutive segments and set the rest angles to the value you want.

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