How do you use Layouts in 3D Space?

Hi everyone,

I have always used layouts just to print 2D drawings. Most of the time I simply made multiple Make2D drawings and dimension them in model space.

Recently I wanted to try to skip Make2D and create multiple details viewing different pieces of my model.
I noticed that dimensions made on the Layout update when the model is moved in the model space, which is nice.

But… I was surprised to realize that details offer no customization what so ever. I mean, sure you can change it size, its display mode and its view, but that’s it. For example, I have a custom display mode and wanted to change one single option on one detail. It seems the only possible way to do this is to copy my custom display mode, make the change and save it with another name.

Also, I had trouble with the isolation of my 3D objects… Like I said, it seems details offer no further customization, so you cannot specify viewing rules or layer states for each one. I had to move each piece further away from my model, making sure nothing else was in the view from Top, Front, Right and Perspective.

And I had to do this with each piece, sometimes it became a real puzzle trying to isolate my objects from each other so that they wouldn’t come up in another detail window. This practically messed up my entire file because now I have 3D pieces flying all over my 3D model space, which is utterly ridiculous.

Is this how one one is supposed to work with Layouts in 3D space or am I missing something huge?

Hello - HideInDetail, HideLayersInDetail, ShowInDetail, ShowSelectedInDetail may help.


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That will surely help, thank you Pascal.