How do you remove bookmarks?

As the title says - how do you “unbookmark” something you’ve bookmarked?

Thx, --Mitch

Have you tried clicking again on the same button you used to bookmark the post?

OK, that’s neither intuitive nor very efficient. You have to first go to the topic; then find the exact post you bookmarked (time consuming if there are a lot of posts in the topic) and then click the flag which has a tooltip “You’ve bookmarked this post” - which doesn’t indicate at all that clicking it again will “un-bookmark” it.

FAR better would be to click the little flag icon in the synopsis of the post on your bookmarks page - which does nothing right now - and in addition have the tooltip read “Remove this post from my bookmarks” when you hover over it. THAT would be useful and intuitive.



Good idea! I think an actual button with “remove bookmark” on it would be even better than that. I wouldn’t expect that glyph to do anything, that’s kind of mystery meat functionality.

I agree a button would be better. In looking for a way to unbookmark a post, I tried clicking on that little symbol thinking it might do something is all…

We’ll definitely add a ‘remove bookmark’ action here on the user page. Totally makes sense. Great suggestion.

Good news! This is now in, and you should have it here within 24 hours.

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