How do you offset asymmetrically?

Hello, rhino users. Greetings!
I am trying to offset this curve, but not equally on all sides. Is it possible?
I drew this curve first

Then i offset it and got this

But, what i want the offset is like this black line i drew on top of the model

How do i go about doing this? I have also uploaded the 3dm fileif anyone wants to check out the model

Many thanks for reading.model.3dm (210.0 KB)

Hi Ankit- yours is probably too extreme for this but one way would be to Pipe the curve with multiple radii and then Intersect the result with a plane. In this case, I thing you’ll need to construct the curve from two offsets and some added transition curves.

Offset.3dm (276.5 KB)


Hello, thanks for clearing. Maybe is should draw two separate curves and then extruded both?