How do you make an object invisible to the camera?

I’m sure there’s an easy answer to this but I just cannot find it, sorry
Thanks for your help

What are you doing with the camera? Layer being most typical way to turn things off, then object (hide/show commands) and subobject visibility (display options) as well as print visibility in the layers…

I have a reflector that’s in the field of view and I need to make it disappear, but of course without losing its reflection.

are you working on windows or mac? Rhino has unfortunately no composition options in these regards, they would be very handy indeed. you can use an environment map in your texture, or set use custom environment for reflection in your rendering settings for the document… which is not that practical in my opinion.

is there a specific scene you can share?

This is a feature of some renderers, Maxwell for example allows you to hide individual objects. I think Cycles can now do this, but I don’t know when it was introduced. Maybe @nathanletwory has plans to add it to the Rhino implementation of Cycles.

There is currently no GUI for controlling ray visibility, but hopefully in the future.

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OK thanks, I’ll just have to find how to reflect on the object while getting the reflector out of the field of view. It’s super painful due to the fact that my M1 mac air is too slow.
I also wish that there was a display mode that was easy on the processor but could show where the light is bouncing.

If you only need to get an idea of how light bounces you can set sample count to 1 or 2. But not sure how a reflector should be invisible if it is reflecting and you need it… I probably lack at the moment the imaginative power to see what you try to do. Maybe a screenshot with clarifying annotations would help.

Same reason we have clippingplanes and that MAX has had include/exlude list for all kinds of stuff render related. Artistic freedom is a bliss :wink:

(: ok, I was just being dense on purpose :wink:

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