How do you guys do it?

I read these post in hopes of gleaning some understanding of Rhino but may as well be trying to read the Rosetta stone or Egyptian Hieroglyphics.

Haven’t been able to determine even what a “Block” is, where are you guys learning this?

Context sensitive help

On the right you will find a part that probably says “Layers”. Look for the word “Help” in that area and click. Make sure the “Auto update” checkbox is checked.

Now, each command that you isssue will show an explanation of what it does.

The course material

Go through this and make every exercise. This will take about 2-3 days or so.

This forum

You came to the right place. When you have made some progress in mastering Rhino, hopefully the hieroglyphics will start to make sense.

Official courses

See for courses in your area.

Best wishes and good luck,


PS. I started out with an official 3-day course where the Level 1 was taught by a very proficient Rhino instructor. If you can afford it, money and time-wise, consider taking one of these courses.

Hi Ken- for the specific block question, see:

Otherwise Menno’s advice seems good- keep in mind that the Rhino training is available on-line, cheaper that way and you have access to the videos after the course ends.


Thanks all for your valued input, am going to look into the on-line training.