How do you define solid shapes? Where is inside/out?

How do you define solid shapes? Where is inside/out?

Hello - can you … explain a bit more what you’re asking about? Rhino decides a surface object is solid if it fully contains a volume, with no open edges. But there are no other “solid” characteristics in Rhino really.


Hi, It was just a theoretical question. Rhino can define I understand, but without Rhino how can I define?
I could find a mathematical explanation, but somebody might answer it.


i guess your wish for definition is still not clearly stated and since you do not look up wikipedia yourself asking for an “in a nutshell description” its very open for interpretation.

you use the word “solid” which is even though a common geometric term equally a term of computational 3d linked matters.

maybe you are longing for an subatomic description heading towards quantum, then the answer might be there is no real inside or outside and would really be an inside/out as you write.