How do I watch for a component-specific BakeGeometry event?

Hi guys,

GhPython does not handle any baking logic. All baking logic is derived from GH_Component. Also, this code:

r.RhinoDoc.AddRhinoObject -= bakeWarning

is not reasonable (Iron)Python code. What are you trying to do?

RhinoDoc events are listed here.

@DavidRutten you might recall having created an elaborate GH_Goo-based definition for Bianchi that I translated to Python for him. According to Bianchi’s report, in some cases this definition cannot bake the geometry.

@Bianchi if you want more help regarding this, we would need a sample that can be debugged. That is, ideally, a minimal sample that shows a repeatable case of the issue, and does not have library dependencies.

EDIT: For completeness, the previous thread was here.

@Bianchi it might be more profitable if we organized a call. It seems this is rapidly becoming a big project but it tries to do a lot of different things.