How do I use Ncalc.Expression? Rhino Student Needs Help!

This is my code:

if (eqin.CommandResult() != Rhino.Commands.Result.Success)
return eqin.CommandResult();
eq = eqin.StringResult().Trim();
equation = new Expression(eq, EvaluateOptions.IgnoreCase);
} while (ValidEquation(equation));

        RhinoApp.WriteLine("Evaluation: {0}", equation.Evaluate());

The code asks for a string from the user, and then puts it in an expression type variable, then outputs its evaluation. When I evaluate it, I get no output whatsoever. If I just put equation instead of equation.evaluate(), I get “Ncalc.Expression” as my output. What am I doing wrong?

NCalc isn’t something that comes with Rhino. So you probably won’t find any help on it here.

You might consider looking for help here: