How do I upgrade to VRay for Rhino Service Pack 2?

(Possibly inappropriately categorized) question related to licenses/upgrades: I want to upgrade to the VRay for Rhino Service Pack 2 with my current license. How do I go about this? Does this involve just a download or purchase of new license altogether?

@ivan_zuniga I saw on the Holomark thread that you had downloaded sp2. Any thoughts on my doubt?

If you have VRay 1.5 or later, you can just download the upgrade for FREE. VRay version 2 has had 2 upgrades (I believe) since it was introduced and all were free. VRay Express is just a tool bar that shows up with a bunch of preset materials.

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To get the download, you need to create an account at All downloads available will show up, including the Express Toolbar, which is excellent.

V-Ray Express actually has four separate panels of ‘presets.’ You will have the following:

  • Materials
  • Lighting
  • Studio backdrops
  • HDRI GI environments