How do I trim an open curve with given points?

I currently got two open curves that has equally spaced points using the “divide length” command. The issue I’m having is that I’m not able to split the line into various segments using the points.
I seen other solutions to this but they used shatter with indexing in order to pick a specific line, I just want the segments to show up when the line has been split so its easier to bake them.

hey joseph, I tried using the code you sent me with my own little tweaks but it still doesn’t work! I’m a new beginner to this fyi. Basically I’m using two existing horizontal lines (created on rhino) to create a tab effect with 4 vertical lines. To create the 4 v-lines I used divide length > line > move curve. Once those lines were created, I did “curve | curve” with the 4 v-lines and 2 h-lines. It successfully created the 8 points I needed in order to do split both h-lines for a total of 8 segments. But as I used the “list item” component, the output only showed 2 short lines as show in the picture. When I changed “L” of the same component to graft, reverse, or flatten, it would switch to two other lines that I needed.
How do I fix this issue, i tried everything but nothing seems to work. (113.3 KB)

I’m aware that this is a DUPLICATE THREAD:

As in the previous thread, you didn’t internalize your curves in this GH file either, making the file useless:

Are you aware that List Item has an ‘i’ (Index) input?

Here i internalized the the intial curves. (19.5 KB)
I did this based off the previous thread but I’m not sure if its right.

Yes this is a duplicate thread, I’m just here to solve this issue, I don’t see that as a problem.

Again, I don’t know what that is, I just followed what was done in the thread you sent me. But could you elaborate on how that affects my code?

If you can’t find the answer to that question on this forum, I won’t be able to help you. (19.5 KB)
this should be internalized

I’m sorry, I’m not up for a personalized tutorial on data trees today. I added my ‘Tree/List Viewer’ tool to your code, maybe it will clarify things? (23.8 KB)

By the way, your original post shows an image with two rectangles, yet your code has only two lines.

thank you I figured it out